Manual Lymphatic Draignage

Recently I became certified in Manual Lymphatic Draignage.  I was inspired by my husband whom lived in Europe for several years and spoke very highly of the detoxing benefits he experienced.  In school we recieved a very brief teaching on Lymphatic Draignage, I did not feel it was enough to say I could offer it and feel 100% confident. I attended a 5 day intensive course in West Palm Beach, Florida.  I decided to learn The Vodder Method since it is the globally known method and the founder of the modality.  MLD is not only detoxifying, but beneficial for many other ailments.  MLD can aid those with edema, which is water based swelling, cellulite, chronic fatigue syndrome, pre and post operation, migraines, fibromyalgia, and inflammation.  One of my main reasons for taking the course was to help my clients with lymes.   They stated MLD was something that really helped them feel better.  With more and more individuals testing positive and feeling the effects on many different  levels,  I felt it was a community I could help live their lives with hopefully a little less pain.  I am currently only certified in MLD, which does not include Lymphadema.  Lymphadema occurs after lymph nodes  have been removed or damaged.  It is a protein based swelling and requires more education and certification.

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